Practice Areas

The Law Office of Barry L Simons PA has a primary goal in mind and that is to provide our clients with superior title and closing services. Our office is a one-stop shop for your real estate needs. Here are just some of the services that we provided:

  • - The ability to act as your escrow agent to hold your funds in a safe and insured environment;
  • - Settlement services for purchase and sales, loan closings and refinancing of mortgages or properties;
  • - Pay-off and disbursement of loan and sales proceeds in the manner preferred by the receiving party:
  • - Prompt and efficient recording of Deeds and Mortgages via our electronic format established with the recording offices in this State;
  • - Title Insurance policies in favor of and to protect both owners and lenders.

Real Estate Law Miami | Representing the Seller

Leading up to a closing the Buyer's closing agent performs a title search and examination of your property. Thereafter a title insurance commitment is issued and acts as a guide for the closing in relation to any documents a Seller needs to provide at closing.

As a Seller, you probably already have an owner's title insurance policy in place from when you bought the property. However, it is possible that a hidden defect is uncovered by the Buyer's closing agent and disclosed in the title commitment when you try and sell your home. If this happens, you will want to work with a real estate attorney to address these problems. As the Seller, it is your responsibility to deliver a marketable title to the Buyer.

In many cases the title commitment requirements produced by the closing agent for a closing are routine and the exceptions to a title commitment are commonly acknowledged as not affecting marketable title.

But sometimes these exceptions can pose problems which the Seller must cure. Our office is best equipped to advise you on how to deal with these types of issues that might arise when you are selling your property.